Levi's Partnered With New Balance for a New 1300 Sneaker

Now you can wear the brand's famed denim on your feet, too

Levi's Partnered With New Balance for a New 1300 Sneaker
New Balance

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When you think of Levi’s you’re wont to think of denim. You’re less, or not at all, inclined to associate the brand with … sneakers? As it turns out, not only does the brand make a damn good pair of jeans but a damn good pair of sneakers, too, evidenced by their collaboration with New Balance for a pair of limited edition 1300s.

The sneakers take the classic silhouette of the 1300s (which celebrates is 35th anniversary this year) and adorns it with quintessential Levi’s accents, including a hairy suede upper in caramel and, perhaps the most impressive addition, White Oak’s Cone Mills White Oak XX52 denim (the same kind used to make Levi’s 501 jeans) as upper accents. The White Oak Cone Mills factory shuttered in 2017, so the inclusion of their highly sought after denim makes the shoes all the more special — and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Naturally, considering the allure of the sneakers, they’re all but sold out. Yet if you feel you absolutely cannot bear to live without a pair, you can try your hand at finding your size on StockX. Granted, you’ll be paying more than the original price, but they’re well worth shelling out a few extra bucks.

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