Deal: Get J.Crew’s Half-Zip Pullover Fleece for Just $50

Fleece season is upon us. Are you prepared?

J.Crew Half-Zip Fleece

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The fleece is an invaluable component to one’s winter wardrobe, favored for both its warmth and stylish attributes. With that being said, there’s no such thing as owning too many fleeces, so if you’re looking to expand your collection, J.Crew is offering their Micro Fleece Half-Zip Pullover at an additional 50% off with code SHOPSALE.

Available in basic navy or a subtle teal color, the fleece is lightweight, meaning you’ll be able to seamlessly layer it underneath more substantial outerwear. Plus, when the temperatures finally start to inch back up, you’ll can throw it on over a t-shirt and head out the door. And if you really want your fleece to make a statement, opt for the style in orange tie-dye with touches of blue throughout, also only $50.

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