Watch Iggy Pop, Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky Boogie in Gucci’s Latest Campaign

Maybe 2020 isn't so bad after all

Watch Iggy Pop, Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky Boogie in Gucci’s Latest Campaign
Harmony Korine for Gucci

Iggy Pop, A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator are all having a better quarantine than the rest of us. Or, it seems that way at least, judging by Gucci’s new tailoring campaign. The three musicians were shot by Harmony Korine (of Kids and Spring Breakers fame) with the intent of showing off Alessandro Michele’s line of expertly tailored wares for the house.

The scene is set with a seemingly impatient Iggy Pop outfitted in a belted cheetah print suit as he completes a crossword puzzle, with a blue macaw to keep him company. It isn’t long before Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky arrive to the mid-century modern abode in a vintage bronze Rolls Royce, exiting the car and warmly greeting the Godfather of Punk.

What follows is a montage of the three (plus Biggy Pop, Iggy’s pet cockatoo) shimmying and boogying to Cerrone’s “Supernature.” But as hypnotizing as it is to watch Iggy Pop plant a wet kiss on his reflection while wearing a plaid angora bucket hat, or Tyler the Creator effortlessly glide around the bathroom, the clothes deserve equal recognition.

Even while exclusively wearing Gucci, the three artist’s manage to capture both the essence of their personal style and Michele’s eccentric aesthetic — Tyler’s penchant for preppy schoolboy dressing is reflected in his green “GG” link sweater vest and plaid highwaters; A$AP’s inclination towards classic silhouettes is evident in the patterned overcoat he dons over a smart waistcoat and crisp white button-down; and Iggy’s status as a rock god is further cemented by his ultra-seventies suiting.

It’s a collection that at first seems most conducive to wear outside of the house, but as the three musicians prove, maybe even when it comes to Gucci, there’s no place like home.

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