Deal: This Classic Patagonia Rugby Is Now on Sale

You can never go wrong with a rugby

Deal: This Classic Patagonia Rugby Is Now on Sale

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The rugby shirt originated, as you’ve probably surmised, with rugby players. I know nothing about the sport (it’s like football but with a bigger ball, or something like that), but I commend rugby players for looking stylish while getting bloodied. And now, thanks to the weird way in which fashion and trends work, we can all be posers and wear rugby shirts without having to actually participate in the sport.

With that being said, we have yet to meet a rugby shirt we didn’t like, and the case is no different for this Patagonia rugby, now on sale at Huckberry. If you don’t happen to own a rugby shirt, then there’s no better place to start than with this one. The stripes are classic, the silhouettes are classic — you really can’t go wrong.

Available in Woolly Blue and Sisu Brown, the only current available sizes are medium and large, and even those are dwindling fast. You know what to do.

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