Deal: These Art-Inspired Nikes Are Stylish, Comfortable and $40 Off

The Nike Air Max 270 React (Op Art) sneakers are unifying style and comfort

Deal: These Art-Inspired Nikes Are Stylish, Comfortable and $40 Off

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When we’re in the market for a new pair of sneakers, we understand that comfort is a top priority. However, we are also humans who have taste and often our eyes can deceive us, tricking us into buying aesthetically pleasing shoes that end up killing our poor feet. Lucky for us we have brands like Nike, who understand the importance of a unified style and comfort front. Even luckier, the sneaker that might represent this unification the best, the Nike Air Max 270 React (Op Art), is currently on sale. 

The sneakers are inspired by Op art, the style of visual art that uses optical illusions to make you super dizzy (thankfully these shoes won’t do that). And while the sneakers have that energetic style element down, they also feature Nike React technology, a lightweight, durable foam along with the Max Air unit — a responsive cushioning — to give you super-smooth comfort in every step you take.  

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