Clarks Introduces a Beefed Up Version of Their Famed Desert Boot

It's time to level up

April 14, 2021 11:47 am
Clarks Desert Boot 221

The Clarks Original boots have long been established as an iconic piece of footwear, with the silhouette remaining largely the same since its introduction in 1949. But now, in honor of the brand’s 70th anniversary, Clarks has at last decided to ever-so-slightly reinvent the shoe with the new Desert Boot 221. One look at the shoe and the way in which is differs from its predecessor is immediately obvious: the sole. Still made from crepe rubber, Clarks has added a couple inches of heft to the sole of the 221, in turning making for a more substantial, chunkier boot.

The shoes remain as wearable as ever, still keeping their ranking as the ultimate warm-weather boot, yet made even more appropriate for the warmer months thanks to their unlined interior. While we’re not suggesting you retire your tried-and-true OG Desert Boots, consider adding the 221s in the mix for when you feel like taking things to new heights — because a couple extra inches never hurt anyone.

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