Deal: Bonobos Is Throwing a Sitewide Sale, Suitable for All Sizes

You’ll never wear anything that fits better


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Bonobos is a menswear brand that’s all about “the perfect fit.”

Sadly, Walmart isn’t one of them. The retail giant purchased the direct-to-consumer brand in 2017 as part of a larger e-commerce initiative (Jet, ModCloth, etc.). But recent layoffs has some people worried about the overall future of Bonobos. 

Which is sad, because Bonobos probably makes up a third of our wardrobe. They really do make dress pants and shirts that offer an ideal level of comfort and sizing, a compliment that more than one InsideHook editor has given recently (and those are very differently shaped editors, mind you).

So with the brand offering up a thankfully-not-named-Columbus-Day sale of 25% off everything plus free shipping over the long weekend (use the code CLOSETSPACE), we say: Buy in. Restock your wardrobe, and show those Walmart execs that they’ve got a good thing on their hands.

A few standouts from their new arrivals, all available in multiple colors and, of course, sizes:

Bonobos Washed Button-Down Shirt

Washed Button-Down Shirt

Bonobos Brushed Button-Down Shirt

Brushed Button-Down Shirt

Bonobos Flannel Lined Chinos

Flannel Lined Chinos

Bonobos Stretch Italian Wool Topcoat

The Stretch Italian Wool Topcoat

Bonobos Yak Crew Neck Sweater

Yak Crew Neck Sweater

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