The Best Lingerie for Men, Because Sexiness Should Be Democratized

Oh, how the tables have turned

a collage of men's lingerie on a triptych background
News flash, fellas: lingerie isn't just for the ladies.
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Day in and day out, countless women continue to encase themselves in overly complicated contraptions known as “lingerie,” only for the men they’re doing it for to show up in the same tired boxers that should’ve been retired months ago. Suffice it to say, we’re sick of it — “it” being the maximum exertion of effort on our part and the little to none we receive in return.

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With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we’re making the simple and not at all unreasonable request that you, yes you (a man) don lingerie of your own. While the market for men’s lingerie might be small, it does exist, and it is populated with some very sexy gems. Before you protest about your precious and fragile masculinity, remember that true masculinity lies in your willingness to unabashedly wear a lace thong and still remain confident in your sense of self. Besides, not only will you look hot, but your resistance to toxic masculinity will make you all the more desirable, because if there’s one thing any good woman loves, it’s deconstructing gender norms.

It’s important to note that this isn’t only about you but your partner, and showing them that you’re appreciative of their continued effort and seek to make your intimate moments as fulfilling for them as it so often is for you. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear something you truly don’t feel comfortable in, but could be a gesture as small as purchasing a nice pair of silk boxers for the occasion (along with other gifts, of course). And if you aren’t afraid to leave a little less to the imagination, maybe consider some sheer pants or a lace bodysuit. More power to you, we say.

Below you’ll find 9 pieces of men’s “lingerie,” ranging from accessible-for-all to real expert-level stuff, all of them sharing the goal of making her experience a little spicier.

The Best Lingerie for Men:

a pair of printed Tom Ford silk boxers on a grey background
Tom Ford Silk-Trim Satin Boxer Briefs
Mr Porter

Tom Ford Velvet-Trimmed Stretch-Silk Satin Boxer Shorts

Give the tighty whities a rest and treat yourself (and her) to this luxurious pair of silk satin boxers by Tom Ford. Finished with velvet trim at the waistband, these are the kind of boxers you reserve for special occasions and thus treat with extreme care. Oh, and did we mention that they’re fucking cheetah print? Totally badass.

a pair of pink Fluer De Mal silk boxers on a grey background
Fluer De Mal Washable Silk Boxers
Fluer De Mal

Fleur de Mal Unisex Washable Silk Boxers

Yes, both you and your significant other can wear these boxers — because what’s more romantic than sharing underwear? You might be familiar with Fleur de Mal and their offerings of fancy-schmancy lingerie for women (and maybe you’ve even gifted some to the woman in your life) but now they’re expanding their selection to be more inclusive, beginning with these Unisex Silk Boxers. This particular pair is washable, so you don’t have to worry about being too precious with them.

Maison Close

Maison Close Bande à Part Boxers

Now we’re getting a little more risqué. Inspired by Jean-Luc Godard’s film Bande à Part (or Band of Outsiders), these boxers feature clean graphic lines with a subtle sheerness. If you’re not quite ready to bare it all, these show more skin than you might be accustomed to, while the solid black lines help to provide some coverage. She’ll appreciate the sneak peek you’re allowing her and you can relax knowing you don’t have to go straight into thong territory. It’s all about baby steps, boys.

best men's lingerie: grey french terry robe from Savage X Fenty on a grey background
Savage x Fenty

Savage X Fenty French Terry Robe

Slip into this cozy french terry robe from Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty line after the fact, or wear it beforehand and drop it to dramatically reveal what lies beneath.


DSquared2 Logo-Embroidered Tulle Mesh Boxers

In the event you need a boost of confidence in the bedroom, these DSquared2 boxers have got you covered (figuratively, of course, and only figuratively). Emblazoned in the DSquared2 logo and not much else, these tantalizing trunks are a great way to suggest something along the lines of you’re going to rock her world and finally one-up her vibrator. Here’s hoping.

Neiman Marcus

Versace Greek Key Low-Rise Jockstrap

It’s probably been a minute since you last donned a jockstrap, but fear not, this one from Versace is not of the variety you were required to wear in gym class. Rather, Versace’s version serves no real functional purpose and is instead just a hot undergarment. Your ass will in fact be entirely exposed, but that is what we, the women, want. We know you all are packing cake back there, so don’t be shy — give us the view we deserve.


Amir Slama Sheer Mesh Trousers

It would be a shame to reserve these sheer silk trousers solely for the confines of one’s bedroom, so come summer there’s no reason you couldn’t slip them on over your swim trunks and wear them poolside or while lounging inside on an especially sweltering day. See, they’re really not all that impractical after all, and at 20% off, consider them a steal.


MSemis Mesh Crop Tank Top

You heard it here first: men should be wearing crop tops. We recommend pairing this sporty cropped mesh number with the aforementioned jockstrap for that classic collegiate look.

a male model in a pair of lace underwear from Menagerie on a grey background

Menagerie Lace Hip Brief

Menagerie is one of the few lingerie brands that cater specifically to men. You won’t find tacky elephant trunk underwear but, rather, intricate pieces like these woven, Italian-made lace trunks, which do take some precision and care to put on but will lend you a much deeper understanding and appreciation for what your S.O. goes through.

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