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The 50 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Do yourself a favor and skip the drugstore chocolates this year

Standard Dose Candle, Gucci Bag, Mejuri Pave Ring
The quickest way to her heart is through a Gucci purse. Trust us.
Standard Dose, Gucci, Mejure

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We know what you’re thinking — the holidays just ended, and already that familiar feeling of stress and anxiety has washed over you once again, as Valentine’s Day looms large and you have to find yet another gift for the woman in your life. Yes, the Gregorian calendar is cruel, but you can’t show up to the holiday empty-handed, unless, of course, you want to end it single.

You may well feel like you exhausted all your ideas, and you are maybe even considering just going the drugstore teddy bears route. But before you resort to desperate and frankly tacky measures, allow us to present you with 50 gifts that are bound to impress her come February 14th.

Below you’ll find some of the usual gifts that are common to the holiday (i.e. diamonds and lingerie) as well as that are of the more unusual and unexpected variety. All of them, though, will reveal a) what great taste you have and b) how deeply you care for her. So you’re welcome.

For Upgrading Her Shine


Soko Delicate Sabi Necklace

On those days when she feels like her outfit is missing that certain something, she’ll be thankful to have Soko’s Delicate Sabi Necklace in her arsenal to elevate the most simple and basic of outfits. The delicate gold chain features an asymmetrical pendant resembling a Brancusi-esque sculpture, so you might as well consider it a wearable piece of art.

Matches Fashion

Sophie Buhai Hinged Small 18kt Rose Gold-Vermeil Hoop Earrings

If you’re unsure whether her preference in metal leans more gold or silver, opt for the middle-ground with Sophie Buhai’s hoop earrings in rose gold-vermeil. Known for her minimalistic and sculptural-like designs, these hoops are simple yet bold enough to make a statement, perfect for everyday wear.


Breda Jane Watch

Breda has been carving out a space for itself in the watch market as purveyor of elegant and unique timepieces, that are prized for their simple good looks and versatility when it comes to styling. The Jane Watch features a delicate 22mm oval case with a mother of pearl dial for just a touch of flash.


FARIS Pomme Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearls can easily veer into old lady territory, but FARIS offers a fresh take on the gemstone that won’t leave her feeling prematurely aged. The pearls hang from a semiprecious Lemon Quartz that provides a hint of color, and then are encased in silver half moons that are asymmetrically shaped for a more modern, less traditional feel. Think Girl with the Pearl Earring, but make it 2021.


Mejuri Pavé Diamond Croissant Dôme Ring

We understand rings can be tricky things to gift, especially on a holiday dedicated to celebrating love, for fear you accidentally send the wrong message. But that doesn’t mean you should abstain from gifting rings altogether, especially when beauties like Mejuri’s Pavé Diamond Croissant Dôme Ring exist. The ring features a nice smattering of diamonds, but none so big as to give her the wrong idea.


Brook & York Custom Name Cuff Bracelet

If there’s one way to make a just-OK gift all the more impressive (and gift-worthy) it’s through personalization. What requires nothing but a small step on your part (entering the initials, name, nickname, etc. you want engraved) will make a world of difference, as it creates a piece of jewelry that can truly and only belong to her. Brook & York’s Name Cuff is sleek and unassuming.

Neiman Marcus

Sarah Chloe Ciela Band with Center Diamond

Again, when in doubt, go for the piece of jewelry that can be personalized. It also doesn’t hurt that Sarah Chloe’s Ciela Band has a cute little diamond nestled in the middle for the tiniest touch of bling.

Moda Operandi

Cult Gaia Oda Transparent Acrylic Hoop Earrings

Maybe the woman you’re shopping for eschews tradition entirely, leaving you lost as to what direction to go in. Allow us to guide you towards Cult Gaia’s Transparent Acrylic Hoop Earrings, which offer a fun, bold shape in an untraditional material that can still be paired with anything.

J. Hannah

J. Hannah Class Pendant (Flower)

You could gift her the cliche dozen roses that are unlikely to make it past a week and will be forgotten as soon as they’re tossed in the trash, or you could gift her a forever flower in the form of J. Hannah’s Class Pendant. The brand’s Class Collection seeks to reinterpret and reimagine collegiate rings by imbuing them with even more symbolism and personality. Case in point, the Flower Pendant, which allows you to choose from four engravings (Lavender, Magnolia, Calla-Lily and Poppy), each one representing one of the four elements. Whether you choose the design based off her favorite flower or the element you think she embodies, it’s a highly intimate gift that she’ll cherish forever.


Miansai Set Cuff, 14k Gold Pavé

There’s no denying the classic appeal of a tennis bracelet, yet they can veer too much toward ’90s trust fund preppie. Luckily, Miansai offers their own take on the piece with their Set Cuff, which doesn’t skimp on the diamonds but offers a fresher silhouette with the open cuff design. It’s still delicate, and most importantly sparkly, but won’t feel so precious that she’s afraid to wear it out of the house.

For Improving Her Wellbeing


Everlane The Perform Pocket Legging

When Everlane dropped the Perform Legging last year, it quickly became a favorite among the ladies at InsideHook. This year, Everlane has managed to perfect the perfect legging even further by adding … pockets! Yes, every woman’s dream: A buttery smooth, comfortable, ass-flattering legging made with premium performance fabric and sweat-wicking properties that includes two convenient pockets.

We-Vibe Couples Vibrator
Sponsored by We-Vibe

We-Vibe Sync

Premium sex toy brand We-Vibe makes one of the most beloved and highly-regarded couples vibrators on the market, the Sync. We have taken it for a spin a few times ourselves and will happily attest to its many, many charms. So this Valentine’s Day, give a romantic gift both you and your partner can enjoy. The Sync is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your sex life, thanks to its slim shape and adjustable fit for easy wear during sex. With ten vibration modes, the hands-free device provides G-Spot and clitoral stimulation for her, but it’s fun for everyone involved: use the remote control to change vibration modes or connect your Sync to the We-Connect app for long-distance fun. And when you use code VAL33 at checkout, you’ll get 33% off your new favorite couples vibe. 

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga Wild Things Bra

Alo Yoga offers some of the cutest, high-performance workout gear we’ve seen (and have sweated in ourselves). While you really can’t go wrong with anything from the brand’s large catalog, the Wild Things Bra is a customer-favorite, confidence-boosting piece. With the brand’s smooth, sculpting Airbrush fabric, moisture-wicking properties and a fashionable scoop-neck style and ruched front detail, this versatile bra is a great addition to her activewear and streetwear closets.


HealthyLine InfraMat Pro, Mesh JT Full 7224 Light

HealthyLine’s InfraMat Pro features 154 round pieces of jade and tourmaline that can be adjusted depending on your desired temperature. Once heated, the stones will release high levels of far infrared and negative ions, working to boost one’s circulatory system, providing a full-body therapy session that helps to relieve tension in muscles and soothe joint pain. Plus, the mat’s flexibility means it can be used just about anywhere and everywhere, from the couch to even in bed.

Lord Jones

Lord Jones High CBD Forumla Bath Salts

Baths are already relaxing, but make even more so with a heaping scoop of Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts. The salts included range from pink Himalayan salt to magnesium-rich Epsom salts, both of which aid in providing a sense of calm well-being. Yet the most notable ingredient is the broad-spectrum CBD derived from select hemp cultivated in the USA, working to provide deep body relaxation and melt any tension one’s body might be harboring, whether consciously or not.


Kora Stratam LS Sweater

This long sleeve quarter zip sweater from Kora is made of yak wool and an eco friendly Dupont Sorona biopolyme that provides good-looks, durability and ultimate warmth on walks, runs or just around the house lounging.

Dad Grass

Dad Grass Weedhearts 5 Pack Dad Stash

LA-based startup Dad Grass makes high-quality CBD joints using 100% USDA organic hemp flower, and this V-day, the quirky brand is concealing its joints in a classic heart candy box. Their joints contain a THC content of .3% or less, so you won’t have to worry about you and your partner getting uncomfortably stoned, just relaxed enough to get through this Hallmark holiday. 


Caraa Athena Duffel Small

Do your part to help your partner keep all her ducks in a row by bestowing her Caraa’s Athena Duffel. Perfect for stashing gym clothes, keeping lunch or holding whatever else she sees fit, the duffel’s made from a sweatshirt material that’s machine washable and includes copious amounts of storage space as well as a separate pouch for holding shoes and sweaty/wet items. While it won’t solve all the chaos in her life, it will at least help her manage it a little better.


MYK Silk Pillowcase

If the woman in your life doesn’t already own a silk pillowcase, chances are she wants one. Silk pillowcases, lauded for their hair and skincare benefits, were among the hottest Christmas gifts of 2020, so if your lady didn’t find one under the tree this year, it’s probably on her wishlist. While bed linens might not sound like a particularly romantic gift, silk pillowcases are elegant and actually pretty intimate if you think about it — she’s literally bringing your gift to bed with her every night. 


Wildling Empress Wand

Wilding promotes the practice of “stone medicine” through their authentic medicinal crystals, an ancient Taoist healing technique (also known as gua sha) that is primarily used to help increase circulation in the skin. The Empress Wand is designed to specifically target muscle tension in the neck and jaw, working to relieve side effects like hardened features, neck stiffness and headaches, all while helping to improve the appearance of skin. Whereas most facial stones are made from quartz, the wand is made from a Bian stone which features more than 40 minerals associated with healing properties.

For Enhancing Her Beauty


Nuria Mini Brights Gift Set

Give the gift of clean, glowing and moisturized skin with Nuria’s convenient Brights Gift Set, which includes mini-sized bottles of the brand’s Defend Skin Restoring Serum, Defend Triple Action Eye Cream, Hydrate Refreshing Micellar Water, Hydrate Moisture Replenishing Serum plus a super-cute travel cosmetics bag. All of Nuria’s products are clean, vegan, cruelty-free and carbon neutral, and use natural, proven ingredients sourced from around the world like Chamomile and Sage found along the Mediterranean. Even better, all proceeds from this set will be donated to She’s the First, a non-profit organization fighting for global gender equality through education.


Isla Snow Scrub Exfoliator

Formulated in Switzerland, this Snow Scrub Exfoliator from Isla Beauty feels like fluffy snow scrubbing all the dead cells from your face. It’s bouncy, hydrating and filled with antioxidants and interesting, natural ingredients like Swiss Glacial Water and Red Snow Algae.


Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Eau de Parfum

As we’ve previously discussed, if you think perfume makes for a tacky or cliché gift, you’re wrong — though I’ll admit the name of this otherwise excellent fragrance isn’t helping matters. That said, this perfume still manages to make a bold romantic statement despite the cutesy (cringeworthy) name. Notes of vanilla, jasmine and peach make for a rich, heady fragrance perfect for winter, and the extravagant red glitter packaging seals a maximalist presentation worthy of a grand romantic gesture. It’s sexy and elegant with just a little touch of kitsch, not unlike Valentine’s Day itself.


Snif The Bundle Kit

Snif makes gifting perfume wildly simple and a bit unconventional. The DTC perfume brand offers three unique, gender-neutral scents: Salty Stares, Ex On The Beach and Way With Woods, and, in our opinion, all of them are perfectly enchanting. You can shop all three scents (and save $45) with the bundle kit, which includes three full-sized bottles plus three testers. She has seven days to try all three bottles and whatever she doesn’t like you can send back (but be prepared for her to love them all).

Tata Harper

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

There’s a reason Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask has made its way onto so many beauty lists — ingredients include BHA from white willow bark and pomegranate enzymes, which contain three sources of glow, four sources to refine pores and six sources to smooth and soften skin texture. The mask promises an instant glow and boosted radiance, and you can rest assured it delivers on both.


Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle Hair Brush

Mason Pearson is an iconic name in the world of haircare, and beauty in general, particularly for their high-end hairbrushes. You might ask what makes it different from any brush you could pick up at the drugstore, and the answer lies in the premium-grade, cruelty-free boar bristles which help to stimulate and exfoliate the scalp while helping to distribute natural oils. Gift her this Pocket Bristle Hair Brush and don’t be surprised if she never stops brushing those luscious locks of hers.


By Terry Baume de Rose

The lip balms to end all lip balms, By Terry’s Baume de Rose is includes a lipo-regenerating complex made from rose flower essential wax and pastel oil to help promote cell renewal. To always keep lips smooth and soft (and allow them to heal) the formula contains shea butter, while ceramides and vitamin E work to protect lips against the elements and aging. Plus, the balm features a delicate rose scent (hence the name), making it a highly appropriate gift considering the holiday.

Credo Beauty

Kjaer Weis The Body Oil

Winter skincare calls for something a little more heavy duty when it comes to lotion. Kjaer Wei’s’s all-over body oil provides and locks in moisture thanks to its in mixture of cold-pressed oils, which not only help to hydrate but work to improve the appearance of tone and texture. She’ll look forward to using this after a long day spent in the bitter, biting cold and you’ll love how soft her skin is to the touch.


Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub

Help her stay properly exfoliated from head-to-toe with Ouai’s Scalp & Body Scrub. You’ve heard of exfoliating one’s face and body, but it’s equally important to give that same attention to the scalp, most importantly in order to remove any product buildup and smooth out dry patches of skin. She’ll appreciate the fact that the scrub can be used on both the scalp and body, allowing her to kill two birds with one stone while in the shower, and she’ll love the rich rose, bergamot, lychee, cedar-wood and white musk fragrance even more.

Space NK

Susanne Kaufmann Hand Cream

Excessive hand-washing and constant re-applying of hand sanitizer this past year has wreaked havoc on hands everywhere. To help salvage hers from a lizard-like state is Susanne Kaufmann’s Hand Cream, consisting of restorative ingredients like witch hazel and mallow, and vitamin E and walnut leaf extract to leave them ultra-soft. If you plan on giving her a ring or bracelet this Valentine’s Day, gift this nourishing cream alongside it so she’ll be able to proudly and confidently show off her new bling.

For Expanding Her Wardrobe


Cos Wool Mix Relaxed Quilted Coat

Regardless of whether she’s getting dressed for work everyday or wearing almost exclusively sweats, Cos’s highly versatile Wool Mix Relaxed Quilted Coat will prove an invaluable addition to her wardrobe. The relaxed fit with dropped shoulders helps to create an air of effortless sophistication while the pristine off-white hue heightens the elegance. While she might be inclined to reserve this beauty for special occasions, the robe-like silhouette makes it perfect for throwing on and dashing out the door, even if she’s just going to pick up groceries.


Desmond & Dempsey Swan Print Cotton Pajama Set

As cute and endearing as it is that she constantly steals your clothes to sleep in, once she receives this cotton pajama set from Desmond & Dempsey, she’ll hardly want to catch her zzzzzs in anything else. The pajamas are crafted from 100% organic cotton, so they’re lightweight and breathable, and they’re cut in a classic silhouette with old-school detailing like a notched collar and front button fastening. But the real draw of the brand’s sleepwear is the bold prints they come in, because one should never sacrifice style, even when not fully conscious.


Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus

Traveling in style doesn’t only refer to the outfit one wears but the luggage that accompanies them, a clunky, dated suitcase being the easiest way to ruin one’s otherwise jet-set chic. Paravel’s sustainable carry-on (which includes a durable recycled polycarbonate exterior and lining made from 15 upcycled plastic water bottles) will make her always feel like she’s flying private, even when she’s in economy. It’s a beautiful piece of luggage she’ll be anxious to use as soon as leisurely travel is once again permitted, so you better get to brainstorming some couple’s getaways.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur Cupid Plunge Underwired Bra

Usually we’d tell you to stay far away from any heart-related designs for V-day, but Agent Provocateur has managed to make the ubiquitous shape incredibly cute and sexy. Part of the British lingerie brand’s new Valentine’s Day collection, the “Cupid” styles include a plunge underwired bra, suspender and your choice of full brief and thong (or both!) — all in a flattering, non-cheesy festive design she can feel confident in year-round.


Ray-Ban Caribbean D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

For their Caribbean D-Frame Sunglasses, Ray-Ban brought back an archival style from the 1960s that bears similarities to the brand’s iconic Wayfarers. Yet where the two styles largely differ are the slimmer D-shape frames of the Caribbeans, which lends the sunglasses a more feminine feel and an ever-so-subtle cat eye silhouette.


Naadam Cashmere Cropped Pant

If you’re going to go the loungewear route, you better make sure to choose something capable of standing out among the countless sweats populating her closet, so forgo the French terry altogether and opt instead for these cashmere pants from Naadam. While you’re at, you might as well complete the look with the brand’s Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan (and Cashmere Cropped Tank, if you really wanna go the extra mile).


Kule The Malibu

The striped t-shirt never goes out of style, and New York-based brand Kule offers plenty of iterations on the wardrobe staple, often with an unexpected twist, whether it be a hidden detail or unusual color combination. We’re partial to the brand’s Malibu shirt, which very obviously gleans inspiration from the classic French Breton tee and is made in Portugal using super soft featherweight cotton, making it their lightest tee yet. As soon as she slips this on she’ll be transported to the French Riviera circa the ’60s.


Vibi Venezia Velvet Slippers

In case you were unaware, gondoliers are unsung style icons, evidenced by these Vibi Venezia slippers in plush velvet burgundy, which source inspiration from the traditional slippers worn by gondoliers to avoid scuffing the paint of the boat. Rest assured, she can wear these both on and off land.

The Lobby

DONNI Curly 1/2 Zip Pullover

DONNI brings some unexpected elegance to an otherwise casual silhouette with the addition of an elongated freshwater pearl zipper. Even on her most blah days she’ll have a hard time feeling like anything but a lady while wearing this pullover, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s crafted from a faux shearling that’s akin to receiving a warm hug.


Gucci Jackie 1961 Medium Hobo Bag

A classic silhouette that speaks to today’s trends but simultaneously manages to transcend them. It’s no wonder it was Jackie Kennedy’s preferred handbag of choice.

For Revamping Her Home


Lume Cube Video Conferencing Lighting Kit

We can safely assume Zoom will be part our lives in some capacity forever. It’d be nice, then, if she had a handy light to enhance her already good-looking webcam face. Which is where Lume Cube’s Video Conference Lighting Call Kit comes in. The kit includes a sleek, easy-to-attach LED light, complete with a softening diffuser and adjustable color temperature.


Hydros 64oz Pitcher

A space-saving water filter pitcher that’s surprisingly sexy. Even more surprisingly, it filters 64 ounces of crisp-tasting water in just one minute, and comes complete in a 100% coconut shell carbon in a BPA-free casing.


Courant Catch:3

Luxury tech brand Courant offers high-tech wireless charging devices that will seamlessly fit with her desk or nightstand’s aesthetic. The brand’s CATCH:3 is a sleek, wireless phone charger and handy accessory tray available in five different colors, sure to match her interior design aesthetic.

Usual Wines

Usual Wines Rosé

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like some crisp rosé. But to stand out from all the other rosé gifters, Usual Wines hosts its delicious, all-natural wines in uniquely designed, single-serving bottles, making it a unique gift perfect for instant celebrating.

Bespoke Post

Hasami Japanese Porcelain Tea Set

Drinking tea or coffee might be an everyday and even somewhat banal occurrence for the woman in your life, so help to make it all the more special with Hasami’s Japanese Porcelain Tea Set. The set is made using techniques inspired by traditional Japanese ceramics to create a refined collection featuring teapot and mugs that will elevate her daily tea consumption to that of a ritual.

Standard Dose

Costa Brazil Vela Candle

A candle is something of an obvious gift, but what she won’t be expecting is one of the Costa Brazil variety. The eco-friendly beauty line’s Vela Candle conjures the spirit of the Amazon through its mixture of sustainably sourced sacred white and black Bleu resin that’s blended with the essences of jungle flora, crushed cypress root and Brazilian vetiver. It’s a subtle scent (exactly how a candle should be) the kind that sneaks up on you and helps to soothe and relax without you even noticing. Plus, she’ll be proud to put this sleek mirrored vessel on display.


Anissa Kermiche Speckled Ceramic Jewelry Box Vase

Is it a vase? Is it a jewelry box? Is it a sculpture? Anissa Kermiche’s Speckled Ceramic Jewelry Box Vase is all of those things and more, so you’re essentially giving three gifts in the form of one beautiful object.

One Kings Lane

Belle Epoque Mohair Throw

For those chilly nights when she just can’t seem to get warm, she’ll be highly appreciative of Belle Epoque’s Mohair Throw, a fuzzy concoction of warm wool and mohair that’s made all the more delicious when rendered in this pastel avocado shade. Just don’t be hurt if she can’t bring herself to share it with you.

Great Jones

Great Jones Hot Dish

Technically a “casserole dish,” the capabilities of Great Jones’ Hot Dish extends far beyond that of what the slightly dated term implies. Lasagna, bread pudding, brownies, a small roast, fruit cobbler — you name it, the ceramic Hot Dish can handle it, all while delivering whatever concoction in a vintage-inspired design that deserves its very own seat at the table.


Argyle Glasses Set Celadon

For drinking the aforementioned rosé, of course.

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