13 Designer Sunglasses That Are Worth the Splurge

Don't worry, they can still see you winning through the shades

Updated May 26, 2023 10:19 am
a collage of designer sunglasses on a city background
The best designer sunglasses for men are a practice in luxury.
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As summer approaches, we’ve clued you into both affordable sunglasses and trending styles for sunnies, but there’s nothing quite like a quality pair of designer shades. From historic labels like Ray-Ban and Versace to elite performance-driven models from newer players (we’re looking at you, District Vision) to on-trend startups looking to make a splash, there’s a variety of high-end sunglasses you should have on your radar.

Much like a good watch, shades are an excellent way to exude coolness and composure, and to subtly — or not, we don’t judge — flex your impeccable taste, quite luxury style. It’s certainly not what we would call a frivolous investment, either; with the higher price points, better materials and modern cuts are at your fingertips. A heavy metal frame or lightweight acetate both prove more durable than cheap plastic shades found at the gas station, and look a hell of a lot better, too.

Plus, designer sunnies aren’t simply about status. The right pair can be the signature element of your warm-weather wardrobe. Premium aviators can take your run-of-the-mill white tee and jeans to Top Gun levels of swagger. (If that’s not your cup of tea, how about Batman levels?)

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To help you level up this summer, we’ve identified 13 of our favorite high-end sunnies for you to rock, flex and otherwise stunt in. There are plenty of shapes and styles to choose from, but all of these shades share one thing in common: they’ll guarantee you never go back to regular sunglasses again.

The Best Designer Sunglasses for Men:

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