If You’re Going to Buy Anything This Memorial Day, Make It a Pair of Sunglasses

Sunnies should be your first shopping holiday purchase

May 23, 2023 10:38 am
a collage of memorial day sunglasses sales on a swirl background
No shade, but you're already missing out on a ton of Memorial Day sunglasses sales.
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As savvy shoppers know, Memorial Day marks the first great shopping holiday of the summer season, with retailers far and wide tossing their whole webstore on sale for dirt cheap. We’re talking discounts on top of discounts, sky-high percentages of 60, 70, 80 off. It’s enough to make anyone want to whip out their wallets.

Hold your horses there, skippy. You can’t go buying every single thing, and we can’t in good conscience recommend some rando garm that’s going to sit in your closet until you Goodwill it next spring. So instead, let us direct your focus to a single item that you should absolutely be hounding after: a good, sturdy pair of sunglasses. Between summer rays finally out to play and a (hopefully) long season o’ sun ahead, there are zero reasons not to replace, upgrade or simply bolster your shades collection, and Memorial Day is the time to do it.

To help you follow through on an easy-peasy sale sunglasses purchase, we’ve made it simple for you: just grab one of the certified fresh pairs of shades below and reap the benefits all summer long. You only have a week, so don’t dilly dally — summer waits for no one. Below, the best Memorial Day sunglasses sales currently on the internet.

The Best Memorial Day Sunglasses Sales:

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