The Best Sunglasses Brands for Clear Eyes and Fuller ‘Fits

It's a big, bright world of sunglasses brands out there. These are the ones to know.

June 4, 2024 1:11 pm
sunglasses brands
These are the sunglasses brands that everyone should know.

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Sunglasses, more so than almost any accessory we can think of, are accessible. After all, there are only so many pieces of gear that you have an equal chance of copping at a middle-America gas station as you do a Parisian boutique. And it’s not just that sunnies are just readily available; they’re accessible in the sense that they’re easy to wear, no matter where you land on the Prince Charles-Young Lean style continuum. Spanning all manner of price tags, colors, silhouettes and, indeed, face shapes, there’s a pair of shades for everyone — you just need to know where to look.

The Best Sunglasses Brands Guide

Classic | Luxury | Athletic | Affordable | Trendy | Designer

Herein lies the problem. In case you haven’t noticed, there are about a gagillion sunglasses brands, ranging from hallowed names like Ray-Ban and Persol to just-launched labels you’ve probably never heard of, all trying to convince you that their version of a wayfarer is most likely to make you look like JFK on a tugboat. It’s enough to leave even the most seasoned shopper (or sunglasses wearer) with serious choice paralysis. Which is why we’re proud to introduce to you our handly little manual to the best sunglasses brands — an internet compendium of all the names in sunglasses you need to know right now, along with a standout style you’d be well-served to snag.

To help you better get a sense of where these brands fall into the shade landscape, we’ve further categorized each of the best sunglasses brands in distinct categories — classic, affordable and luxury among them — so you can suss out which pair is right for you. Each name on this list is one that we trust on account of their superior craftsmanship, unparalleled legacy or ability to capture a vibe in a pair of 52mm frames. Below, 24 of the best sunglasses brands all but guaranteed to brighten up (not literally) your summer.

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Classic Sunglasses Brands


Ask anyone what the most popular (or important) pair of sunglasses they know are, and chances are, they’ll cite a style from Ray-Ban. Founded the 1930s, the small-time luxury operation turned worldwide sunglasses bastion is responsible from some of the most iconic styles — the wayfarer, clubmaster, aviator and more — and sunglasses looks of all time. They are, and forever will be, the soundest sunnies investment you can make.

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If Ray-Ban is Nike, then Persol is Adidas — that is, a fellow top dog of the industry with Euro sensibilities and an elite pedigree of shades endorsed by style icons a la Steve McQueen and Daniel Craig. With bespoke-feeling Italian construction, serious protection and schmoozy aviator silhouettes, Persol is worthy every penny.

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American Optical

Remember those pics of JFK, looking cool as hell lounging on a speedboat? Yeah, those weren’t Ray-Bans gracing old 35’s mug, but rather, American Optical. Manufactured stateside since 1833 (that’s pre-electricity, for all you American history buffs) the heritage sunglasses makers are still going strong, churning out classic styles for the layman and sartorial-inclined alike.

Randolph Engineering

You might not immediately recognize the name, but you’ve almost certainly seen Randolph Engineering’s oversized aviators before. After all, the MA-based eyewear company is the standing sunglasses supplier for (who else) the Department of Defense and makes a variety of primo protective gear. Not that you have to be a fighter pilot to wear them.

Luxury Sunglasses Brands

Jacques Marie Marge

If the thought of $1,000 sunglasses doesn’t immediately offend your penny-pinching constitution, then there’s a good chance you’ll love Jacques Marie Mage, maker of some of the hottest (and most expensive) sunnies on the market. Founded in 2014, the cult brand has ended up on the domes of everyone from Keanu Reeves to Austin Butler, and while the small-batch shades aren’t cheap, their premium materials and “heads don’t have these” vibes make them a total winner.

Oliver Peoples

The Hollywood legacy of Oliver Peoples is nothing short of legendary. The boutique label has been spotted on seemly every Hollywood star to ever exist, and in films themselves. Don’t pigeonhole them, though — they just started working with Roger Federer. The benchmark of chicness and taste level, they are an ultra-pricy, ultra-exclusive way to telegraph you do indeed drive the nice Range Rover.

Garrett Leight

If Garrett Lieght’s vibe feels similar to that of Oliver Peoples to you, good instincts. The brands are more connected than you know — the eponymous Mr. Garrett Leight is actually the son of Oliver Peoples founder Larry Leight. That being said, GL’s shades lean further into the LA-beach aesthetic than his father’s, with sunnie styles that scream sun-soaked.


An Orchard Street institution, Moscot has been NYC go-to luxury sunglasses for over a century, offering timeless options out of their fifth-generation family store. Don’t get it twisted, though, it’s less of a ma-and-pop set-up and more of a haberdashery for high-grade shades that’ll last you a lifetime.

Athletic Sunglasses Brands


Oakley, unofficial sponsor of professional athletes and swamp dads everywhere. Anyone who’s graced a track, field, pitch or BBQ pit also certainly has a pair of their sleek, polarized shades, but that’s not to suggest that SoCal label only makes sunnies for washed dads and home-run sluggers. Oakley has long perpetuated a creative mean streak via styles like the blessed Overthetop, or, more recently the Kato, and even offers some streetwear adjacent styles for the style ‘heads.

District Vision

While all the brands we’ve recommended are quality, the craftsmanship that goes into a pair of District Vision sunglasses is on a different level completely. The label, founded by 2016 by Max Vallot and Tom Daly, ultimately prioritizes ultimate functionality via insane materials and Japanese construction, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at a pair of Junya Racers — they put the “run” in runway, to say the least.


You didn’t think we’d miss including the largest sports company in the world, did you? Nike’s shades, like all swoosh gear, are steeping in a reputation for performance, aesthetics and namesake, yet their newest Echo Shield line feels refreshingly modern.


Tifosi’s athletic sunglasses are specifically branded as an affordable alternative to the often-pricey sports shade, and we’ll admit we’re impressed at the tech they’re able to pack in at a lower price point. Their Vogel running sunglasses are some of the best we’ve tried, despite only running you $40. 

Affordable Sunglasses Brands

Le Specs

When it comes to affordable shades, the impetus tends to shift from quality materials and sensible functionality to cheap aesthetics. Not so with Le Specs — while the global sunglasses brand offers tons of styles for well under $100, they’re made with solid acetate and considered features for a true mix of affordability and quality. 


Part of retail Huckberry’s lineup of A-tier in-house brands, Walden Eyewear offers just four styles, all polarized and channeling a timeless sunglasses style. It allows the brand to focus on high-end construction — all of the shades are sustainably crafted using plant-based materials — and form at an accessible value.


Pick up a pair of Sunski’s shades (they’ll typically run you sub-$70) and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. With a lineup of ‘80s-inspired sunnies and an Aussie-backed mantra of “delivering comfortable shades that were not only awesome, but weirdly affordable,” they’re a sensible pick for anyone searching for some swag on the cheap.


It only makes sense to include the newly remade J.Crew on the list of affordable options, given that their shades are just that — totally affordable. Wait for the right sale, and you’ll find yourself with a sicko pair of shades for 20-odd bucks. How about that?

Trendy Sunglasses Brands


London-based Cubitts is perhaps better described as a fashion company than a sunglasses brand, with high-minded sartorial styles and perennial collaborations with the likes of Mr Porter. They’re unflashy, unfussy and a surefire way to score tons of compliments.


Leading the crop of new, trend-forward sunglasses labels, LA-based Akila might be young (the brand was founded in 2018) but their signature ‘90s-inspired square, color-lensed style is exactly what the hottest, coolest folk want to be wearing right now, and at relatively affordable prices and highly-accessible retailers, you can (and should) join those ranks.

Bonnie Clyde

If we had to describe Bonnie Clyde in one word, it would be playful. In two words? F*cking cool. The LA-based, Jon Yuan-designed label is the definition of IYKYK in the sunglasses space, with a bundle of it guy/girl unisex designs and all the charisma you could ask for.


If you’re the type to follow moodboards that feature ’90s Brad Pitt and Porsches, you’ve probably been served IG ads for Chimi. The Internet-age sunglasses are filling a void for sleek, utilitarian sunglasses that don’t fall squarely into the athletic camp, all while incorporating a ton of Earth-friendly measures to sweeten the deal for modern consumers everywhere.

Designer Sunglasses Brands


Loewe might be the hottest designer label on the planet, and they’ve got the eyewear to match. Out-of-this-world styling and immaculate craftsmanship buoy a line of wild, wacky shades from designer Jonathan Anderson. Josh O’Connor can’t be wrong, can he? 


Gucci has one of the strongest high-fashion portfolios of sunglasses out there, ranging from huge, cat-eyed shades to accountant-style spectacles like the ones seen below. We’d expect nothing less from one of the biggest names in fashion.


Trying to get your freak on this summer? Look no further than Balagenica’s stack of superhero-meets-rave sunnies. Cop a pair and bump the Charli XCX.

Tom Ford

In the veritably insane avant-garde designer market, Tom Ford offers a breath of normal air in the form of sleek, menswear-forward garments and gear that set the benchmark for luxury and don’t look like they’re from a different planet. The iconic Cecil aviators are no exception to that rule…and fit right in with the “laying out on a yacht” crowd.

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