Superior Weekender. Superior Price.
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Superior Weekender. Superior Price.

Dollar-to-style ratio: unbeatable.

  • 22 June 2015

It’s Monday.

The worst day of the week to work.

The best day of the week to plan your weekend.

Wherever you’re headed, stow your goods and chattel in Windfall Bag’s Deluxe Weekender, a superbly constructed masterwork of waxed canvas and hard-wearing leather.

It looks like a bag worth twice its price tag.

Which is probably why it’s being produced in a limited edition of 20.

Get it while it’s hot.

It comes courtesy of Willis Bigelow, a Cooper Union-trained artist and designer who does sculpture, photography, and the luxury men’s accessories in Inverness.

The Deluxe Weekender comes with a surfeit of pockets and a top-zip for safety.

While you’re checking it out, we’d suggest a few more Windfall pieces for your prospective shopping list:

The Gumshoe Briefcase, a softer version of the office carry-all

The waxed canvas dopp kit, inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s Dynamaxion map

And the firewood carrier, because it’s June in S.F., and thus it is cold out

Just don’t delay.

Because we’re basically all headed out of town.

Best to head out in style.


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