Your Official Dossier on All Things Adult Summer Camp

Six outdoor getaways for maximum nostalgic shenanigans

May 24, 2016 9:00 am

If the recent Wet Hot American Summer redux has you wishing for lakeside activities and starry skies sans adult supervision, wish no more.

There’s a summer camp getaway within Zipcar-ing distance for every type of adventure seeker, from the networking entrepreneur to the nature enthusiast to the stay-up-all-night-and-maybe-get-to-second-base types.

Grab your sleeping bag. Leave your inhibitions.

For pairing a sports coat with swim trunks: Offsite Camp
For the networkers, changemakers and professional movers and shakers, the invite-only “Offsite” camp is now accepting applications. Sure, there will be business-minded talks from from some notable CEOs, startup mavens and venture capitalists. But there will also be hot dogs, stargazing, excellent fare, spirits and wine, and an inflatable jump that catapults you face-first into a lake.

For glamping and gallivanting: Club Getaway
Embracing your inner 13-year-old at Club Getaway doesn’t mean leaving behind the luxury standards of a grown-ass man. We’re talking memory foam mattresses, AC, electricity, en-suite lavatories, a private nightclub and gourmet eats. And there’s no shortage of action by day, with rock climbing, zip-lining, kayaking and 300-plus acres of private woods on hand for getting in touch with Ma’ Nature.

For sneaking out at midnight to play Spin the Bottle: Camp No Counselors
This is your license to be carefree. One of the most successful operators in the game, Camp No Counselors joyfully veers in the direction of debauchery. That is, there’s the arts, the craft, the watersports and the archery — but there’s also an open bar and party nights that don’t include a bunk check.

For balancing your chakras: Soul Camp
If you’re trying to connect with more than nature, Soul Camp is tailored for the “mindful” set. Read: a week of digital detox. There’s a full roster of workshops, including yoga, meditation and breathing. Rather than counselors, you’ll be visiting with wellness, astrology and energy experts. Expect plenty of s’mores ‘round the campfire, but no hooch: this one is alcohol-free.

For reclaiming lost youth: Camp Bonfire
A destination that identifies somewhere in the middle of Soul Camp and No Counselors. There are drinks, but only in the evening. And while tech use is allowed, it’s limited to designated areas. Camp Bonfire is the perfect pick for getting that old-school nostalgia fix with Capture the Flag, giant swings, frisbee, archery and dodgeball. Or you can sign up for the singalongs, talent show and “friendship bracelet making.” Don’t worry, you can take it off before the board meeting on Monday.

For disconnecting entirely: Camp Grounded
The founders of Camp Grounded want to be clear that this is not for professional networking. It’s also a tech-free zone, but a bit lighter on the kumbaya and heavier on the just plain having a good time. And for NYers, this adventure is only available as a pop-up in June: runs from the 10th to the 13th. Camp Grounded has secured a stunning 500 acres, with all the outdoors go-tos plus a 250-foot zipline, hockey rink and 10,000-square-foot gymnasium.


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