The Watches NY Needs. The Watches NY Deserves.

Two NYC-inspired watch collections we dig

By The Editors

The watches NY needs. The watches NY deserves.
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12 January 2016

How do you measure a New York minute?

In passersby averted? Jays walked? Taxi horns bleated?

‘Course not, guy. You measure it with a watch.

Ergo: today we honor a pair of strapping new watch collections that owe their aesthetic to all things Gotham.

One’s a minimal, monochrome ticker you can pair with anything. The other’s a playful ode to NYC’s love affair with public transit.

Both beat the hell out of one of those “I Heart NYC” shirts.


Keeping things black and white is one thing New Yorkers definitely have time for. So Publish teamed up with Timex to re-imagine their iconic Camper model. Modernized with monochromatic tones, the collection includes Midnight Black and Pure White pieces. Straightforward, efficient, versatile. Just like the city itself. 


An ode to the Massimo Vignelli subway map and our city’s long-held infatuation with Helvetica. Swiss Bauhaus designers Mondaine use the smart, iconic font to honor the city’s rail system. (Aside: Helvetica is Latin for “Swiss.”) Clean and classic, the collection offers blue, green and red pieces aligning with the ACE, 456 and 123 metro lines, and each watch comes with six vintage subway postcards.

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