The Gents at Buck Mason on Their New Shop and 7 Men’s Essentials

T-shirts, books and a Porsche that costs less than Prius

October 16, 2018 9:00 am

If you find yourself selling more tees to New Yorkers than the corner bodega sells egg sandwiches, it might be time to consider settin’ up shop.

Which is exactly what the LA-based gents of Buck Mason just did, having finally descended upon Nolita with a new brick-and-mortar.

shop (2 images)

Next time you’re cruising down Elizabeth, look for the emblazoned “Jeans and T-shirts sold here” signage.

Kings of cool that they are, we hit up co-founder Erik Allen Ford for his opinion on the seven objects every man needs. Among them, tees — but also boots, books and a Porsche that costs less than a Prius.

Image via Amazon

The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds by Michael Lewis
The Undoing Project is too brilliant to describe; it’s a barn burner. I’d recommend all of his books.”

The White Tee by Buck Mason
“The only tee for me.” [Ed. note: Seconded.]

Image via Craigslist

Porsche 911 996
“Available on Craigslist across America now! An excellent ’99-’04 can be purchased for the price of a Prius.”

Bugaboo Fox Complete Stroller in Black
“If you end up with one of these, then you’ll need the 911.”

Image via Buck Mason

The Black Perfect Oxford One Pocket Shirt by Buck Mason
“I’ve got three or four of these that I wear regularly. The fabric is the most comfortable woven I’ve had and seems to get better each time I wash and press them.”

Image via Tecovas.

The Johnny by Tecovas
“These suede cowboy boots are excellent for daily wear. When I first saw one of my buddies wearing them, I figured they were $1,200 shoes.”

Akari Noguchi Round Lamp
“Everyone needs a well-designed light. I credit my wife for finding this one.”

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