Cameron Scott Gardner’s Bags Win the Carry Game

A luxurious one-way ticket to Leather-Leather Land

By The Editors
November 30, 2015 9:00 am

There’s something to be said for the man who travels in sweats. Namely, that he is comfortable.

But say you’re looking for free upgrades. Longing glances from passersby. The card of that arrestingly attractive woman at the end of the bar.

These goals favor the man who travels in style.

And that man will benefit from Cameron Scott Gardner’s new NYC-made collection of pebbled leather totes, duffels and backpacks, now available. 

Hailing from this Midwest and seasoned in L.A., Gardner knows leather. And his carry-alls are here to accommodate all your airport-going needs.

The collection boils the bag game down to the bare essentials: the beach-tote sized Carry Along, a weekend-approved Duffle and an oversized Backpack.

Everything is sourced responsibly, from the pebbled Italian cow leather to sturdy, handsome Japanese hardware.

You’re gonna wanna see these. You’re gonna wanna want these.

Happy travels.

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