Your Last Chance to Eat at the World’s Best Restaurant Is Right Now

Noma’s closing — but seats can still be yours

By The Editors

Your Last Chance to Eat at the World’s Best Restaurant Is Right Now
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04 March 2016

Noma — the paradigm-shifting, every-award-winning restaurant from forager and father of New Nordic cooking Rene Redzepi — will close its doors at the end of 2016, a victim of Redzepi’s own stubborn ambitions: in place of his breakout Copenhagen restaurant, he’ll focus his energies on an urban farm to be developed on a site the New York Times has described as “the Four Seasons after an apocalypse.”

That means Noma as we know it — the restaurant that in the past decade has dominated the rankings of San Pellegrino’s best restaurant surveys — will soon be no more: it will serve its final meal on New Year’s Eve.

You can’t even eat there now, as the restaurant is in the middle of a “residency” in Sydney. Soon, though, the staff will return to Copenhagen and open the doors for Noma’s last few months. And one of those seats could belong to you.

Anyone with an Internet connection and a high tolerance for disappointment can take a chance on a summer reservation. The restaurant will open its online reservations for June on March 7, and for July bookings on March 28.

Speed and luck will be required.

The waitlist for Redzepi’s current pop-up — in Sydney — numbered 27,000 when we wrote about it last month. When his team headed to Tokyo for an event at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in 2015, more than 50,000 supplicants ended up s*** outta luck.

Still, nearly 3,500 got to eat a meal conceived by the man generally regarded as the world’s best chef.

Sounds like it’s worth the odds to us.

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