It’s an At-Home Sperm Test on Your Phone. Start the Jokes Now.

Are your boys strong swimmers?

By Kirk Miller

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30 November 2016

“Test your sperm in the comfort of your phone.”

Galaxy Note 7 explosion jokes aside, this is one smartphone feature that could seriously improve your future.

Enter YO, the first FDA-approved sperm checker for your smartphone, available now for preorder — or, as the company says, “coming soon.”

Developed by semen analysis company Medical Electronic Systems, YO is a clip-on device that analyzes your “motile” sperm (your healthy swimmers, essentially) via a mini microscope. You can use your phone’s video and camera light to view your, uh, contribution and save a vid of your sperm ... if that’s your thing.

Results arrive in minutes (yes, that’s what she said), and YO claims to be 97 percent accurate. But never hurts to try more than once, amirite?

At $49.95, it’s not a terrible first option if you’re deciding whether your boys can tread water. Pair it with an STD at-home test and you’ll have a bizarre but oddly comforting Tinder pickup line ready to go.

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