Canned Coke Cocktails, A New Smithey Skillet and the M2 Macbook Pro

The 14 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

June 18, 2022 8:43 am
a collage of Smithey Skillets on a light brown background with the "products of the week" banner centered over the images

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of it. Today: Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola make it official, Smithey’s new No. 11 Deep Skillet drops and Apple ushers in the M2 era.

a model shot of the blue strapped, black-soled Huckberry X Chaco Snadals hanging off of a backpack

Huckberry x Chaco Z/1 “Tarpon” Sandal

The Chaco Z/1 Sandal outperforms competition in nearly every category, and their swanky, ocean-inspired exclusive release with IH-approved Huckberry means they can add style to that list, too. Made in the USA, the ChacoGrip outsole and LUVSEAT footbed ensure Chaco’s continued claim as the comfiest sandals around.

a flat iron griddle from Made In on a grey background
Made In

Made In Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Griddle

Made In’s newest cookware concoction is the Swedish-made Carbon Steel Griddle, which has some nice touches like raised handles, and is still built to handle all the normal fare, from buttermilk pancakes to burgers. To help with the latter they’re even throwing in a grill press. (Good thing we also got you a guide to smash burgers.)

a black leatherman tool on a grey background

Leatherman “Darkside” Multi-Tool

One hour and nine minutes. That’s how fast the Leatherman Darkside sold out on Tuesday. (In truth it was probably faster. That was the time between emails when they said it was released and when it was out of stock. We’ve got the receipts there.) So what’s the big deal with this multitool? It’s the second release from the brand’s Garage initiative, where they release limited-edition models with new tool combinations, new coatings and new materials, models that will never be made the same way again. If you want a shot at the next release, you really need to sign up for their emails.

a black Ikea turntable on a grey background

Ikea OBEGRÄNSAD Turntable

We won’t pretend that IKEA partnering with Swedish House Mafia (DJ supergroup and creators of 2012 radio-hit “Don’t You Worry, Child”) for a foray into hi-fi audio isn’t objectively hilarious, but we’re undeniably curious about the end result. More details to come, with an expected release in the fall.

a hand holding a box of MC1R sunscreen against the sky

MC1R Sunscreen SPF 50

MC1R Magazine, a carrot top-forward publication, has tapped SUN CARE for an SPF50 block made by and designed for (you guessed it) redheads. Utilizing particularly compatible UV filters, the non-whitening lotion claims to protect the extra-sensitive skin the freckle predisposed.

two canned cocktail cans of Coke x Jack Daniel's on a grey background

Coca-Cola x Jack Daniel Canned Cocktail

If anything, we’re surprised that it took titans of industry Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel’s this long to officially link up, but after decades of being the unofficial drink of…well, everyone, a Jack and Coke canned cocktail is coming soon to a bar near you.

a biege shirt with black detailing from 3sixteen on a grey background

3sixteen Vacation Shirt

The perfect summer shirt doesn’t exi-.

a staged shot of the Kyoto collection furniture from House of Léon
House of Léon

House of Léon Kyoto Collection

Do we care for the term “Japandi,” an interior design style that blends together Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics? Not particularly. But that doesn’t stop us from coveting every piece from House of Léon’s new Kyoto Collection, which uses this jumping off point to craft furniture that can be dropped straight into your home as it stands (these blood orange dining chairs, perhaps) or be the basis for a complete makeover. Considering all the time you’ve spent inside these last few years, chances are you’re jonesing for one.

a black cup with the Ember logo on a grey background

Ember Cup

Ember’s app-controlled, battery-powered, stay-hot mug is a completely unnecessary extravagance. It’s also totally worth the $100 price tag, as evidenced by their prime placement on our desks. If the larger size wasn’t appropriate for your coffee habits (maybe you’re a flat-white diehard), then consider the 6oz. Ember Cup which was just added to the line.

a close up, on wrist shot of the Manilton Frogman Auto Watch with green strap

Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Auto Watch

It may not look like a traditional Hamilton, what with its wraparound crown protector and styling that seems to hew more toward contemporary dive watches, but the Khaki Navy Frogman stays true to the brand in two ways: by offering some real-deal functionality (this is the company’s “most technically capable maritime-ready watch”) and thus a ton of watch for not a ton of dough. We like it best with the black or green rubber strap. 

a product shot of a cast iron Smithey Skillet and Glass Lid

Smithey No. 11 Deep Skillet With Glass Lid

At this point — that is, after cooking with their heirloom-worthy wares for over a year — we’ll pretty much buy anything Smithey wants to sell us (even this lil’ pipsqueak pan). The No. 11 isn’t just any cast iron, though. It’s the piece we’ve been waiting for: their rounded skillet with a polished interior, but bulked up to be a jack of all trades, which is helped by the included glass lid. Doesn’t hurt that it’s drop-dead gorgeous. (Yes, we just called a skillet gorgeous.)

a bottle of amber whiskey called Crab Trapper with a blue cork on a grey background
Tamworth Distilling

Tamworth Distilling Crab Trapper Whiskey

While Tamworth’s crab-steeped whiskey isn’t for the faint of heart, there’s no denying the entirely new “complex flavors” it brings to the table.

the new M2 Apple MacBook Pro 13" on a grey background

13″ M2 MacBook Pro

Among the news from Apple’s recent WWDC event was the surprise announcement of an M2-supercharged MacBook Pro 13″. Boasting improved speed and power efficiency, upgraded CPU (8-core), GPU (10-core) and all the PU’s you could think of, it’s sure to best the best MacBook yet.

a staged product shot of of a can of Miller Lite and a bag of Miller Lite Beercoal in front of a grill
Miller Lite

Miller Lite Beercoal

Ah, grilling, the near-perfect summer activity. How might one make it better? If you answered with something sensible like, say, a built-in rig fan, we applaud you, but for those whose minds immediately snapped to BEERCOAL, boy, do we have a treat for you. Miller Lite’s charcoal line, infused with the classic pilsner taste, sold out instantly, but that won’t stop us (and shouldn’t deter you) from hawkishly watching for a restock.

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