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Rambler On

A motorcycle that recalls a bygone era of adventure

  • 04 November 2013

This is the Ural Gaucho Rambler.

Released just now. Limited to just 50. And it’s a collab between the war machine romantics at Ural (ye olde Soviet steedmakers) and Pendleton, they of the Navajo wool blankets.

Bathed in a “Pacific Blue” (the ocean color as imagined the way “a traveler from the east saw it for the very first time”), the Rambler is a 2WD all-terrain beast, perfect for long hauls or off-the-beaten-path adventures.


The Rambler also features some nice accoutrement: Sunburnt canvas saddle covers. A Pendleton Journey West blanket for cold nights. And an enamel field kit for camping and cooking.


Kickstart your lust: a jalopy’s worth of beautiful photos are right this way.

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