Concrete Safe House Keeps You In, the Zombies Out

There’ll be no storming this castle

By Reuben Brody

Concrete Safe House Keeps You In, the Zombies Out
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16 June 2017

The world is on edge.

Walls are being built (both metaphorically and literally) and the survivalist industry — whether in the flyover states or in Silicon Valley — is booming.

Poland’s contribution to the madness: The Safe House.

Building on the conceit that a man’s home is his castle, architect Robert Konieczny designed a modish box out of thick, battleship-grey concrete with sliding panels that extend and retract to create walled-in access points as well as windows.

safe house (7 images)

But it's not all tactical; there are creature comforts to be had here. An indoor pool sits separate from the house and is accessed via a drawbridge. The rear of the home features an anodized aluminum door that rolls down to double as a movie screen. The interiors have a clean, minimal, Apple Store-lite ambience about them. 

It almost removes the place from its paranoid underpinnings.


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