The 5 Best Travel Bags for Carrying a Suit

These duffel/garment hybrids are all approved for carry-on

By Kirk Miller

Bennett Winch suit carrier
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12 February 2018

Unless he's truly roughing it, a man should always keep a suit handy during his weekend travels.

Never know when you’re gonna need to impress, right?

That said, keeping your dress clothes in tip-top shape isn’t easy unless you bring along a separate garment bag. And since we’re trying to minimize your luggage struggles/airline fees, a hybrid bag is the most convenient way to go.

By hybrid, we mean duffels (carry-on-sized, for our purposes here) that feature an integrated garment bag. Two bags in one, or one less headache for your flight.

Below, five of our favorites:

FOR LOOKS: The Suit Carrier Holdall
Your suit jacket and pants are placed in a garment holder and wrapped around a larger cylindrical bag, all secured with magnets and straps. You can also use the two bags — handcrafted from canvas twill, YKK brass hardware and veg-tanned leather — separately.

The company’s Travel Backpack (and, admittedly, the larger duffel) features an integrated tri-fold suiter for dress garments. Bonus: You can also add integrated chargers and pop-out micro umbrellas.

FOR LEATHER FANS: Hook & Albert Garment Weekender
Available in leather, melange fabric or twill, these decidedly handsome carry-ons feature spacious garment sections that can hold two full suits and a pair of shoes (in dedicated side pockets).

FOR PRICE: Code Alpha Hybrid Garment Duffel
A tough polyester holdall that’s not gonna win any design awards — note the numerous camo options — but keeps your suit protected during weekend trips. Starting at under $60.

FOR HIGH (ER, LOW) ROLLERS: Traveler’s Choice Sienna Hybrid
Again, not really for looks, but if you prefer hardshells and wheels to a shoulder bag, this low-cost option will take care of you. And your suit.

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