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Mom's Day Gifting Guide

For your mom. For your wife. From Mr. Lowe.

  • 23 April 2013

Mother's Day is May 12th. A man can't underestimate its importance. But don't take our word for it. Take Rob Lowe's. Below, our partner and curator reveals how to proceed. This is your Mother's Day Gifting Guide.

Ok, yes. Every guy should take his mom and his wife for brunch. Make your reservations now before all the good tables are gone.

If you're in LA: Inn of the Seventh Ray. If you're in New York: The River Café. Reno? The Squeeze In. If she's cool, she'll dig it.

But a word on gifts. This is how you do that part.

Get a bag. No, a nice bag. Put a bow on it. That's step one.

Then get a bunch of smaller gifts. That's step two.

For your mom, something like this bespoke stationery. Or for your wife, this jewelry by my wife Sheryl. You know, show how much you love the mother of your children by supporting the mother of mine.

Now, have those smaller gifts wrapped. Then put them in the bag with the bow on it. See how this works? She loves the bag. Then she opens the bag and finds more things she loves. 

You can't go wrong. It's like a Russian nesting doll full of I Love You.

Need more guidance, friend? Check out our Mother's Day Gifting Guide, curated by Rob.

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Rob Lowe's Mother's Day Gift Guide

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