This Smartwatch Thinks Your Body Is a Battery

Need a recharge? Go for a run.

By Kirk Miller

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05 July 2017

Your smartwatch is pretty dumb when you forget to recharge it.

Hoping to solve this (lack of) power issue, using a bit of NASA-inspired technology: The Matrix Powerwatch, available now for pre-order.

Matrix claims to be the world’s first smartwatch that you don’t have to recharge — instead, the timepiece is powered by your own body heat. This tech is called thermoelectrics, which has been used in space but is only now making its way to consumer products.

And since the Powerwatch charges more when you’re working out (and shows you how many calories you’re burning and how much power you're generating while you’re gettin’ sweaty), it indirectly works as a motivational activity tracker.

The watch also features steps and sleep trackers, as well as a customizable watch face. Plus, the Powerwatch is water resistant down to 50 meters, syncs with your phone/the cloud, and goes to sleep when you take it off, conserving energy (but keeping all your info intact).

The Matrix Powerwatch is now on pre-sale at $139 and ships in fall.

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