The Off-Roading, Off-Gridding Summer Vacation Mobile

Homegrown Trailers: Handsome, portable and a whole lotta fun

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The Off-Roading, Off-Gridding Summer Vacation Mobile
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12 April 2016

They say it’s not about the destination, but the journey.

If the they in question were traveling in a handsome wooden home-on-wheels from Homegrown Trailers, then yep, that checks out.

Inspired by the fact that his daughter didn’t have anywhere to wash her hands during a camping trip, HT co-founder Corey Weathers began developing a line of 100% solar-powered towable tiny houses made from recycled plastics and sustainably harvested wood.

The finished product is a 2,000-pound trailer with a durable chassis and frame, composting toilet, LED lights and ENERGY STAR appliances that can sleep four (one queen and two twins). The $28,995 mobile cabins can function both on and off the grid — a larger solar array and battery system can be added for $7,500 — and Weathers has plans to develop a way to connect the trailers with Tesla’s Powerwall system in the future.

“I wanted something that was unique, something that was eye catching and beautiful and not just functional,” Weathers says. “The reason I go camping is I want to get away from all that. But, I like to be able to charge my phone.”

The company is offering part-time stays before the trailers go on sale this summer and, for a limited time this spring, they’re offering $20 off standard rental pricing per night.

Try before you buy.

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