Hammock Raft, You the Real MVP

Step 1) Buy this. Step 2) Get invited to all the lakehouses.

By The Editors

Hammock Raft, You the Real MVP
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10 May 2016

One of summer’s most slept-on qualities?

The abundance of napping options.

You’ve got your lounge chairs. Your beach towels. Your picnic blankets. Where there is a will and a six-pack, there is a way.

Case in point: The Hammocraft.

What it is: a handcrafted frame with room for five that can be strapped to a floatation device or pair of devices and then outfitted with hammocks. The foldable aluminum frame can be reduced to fit into a ski bag, and it’s lightweight enough to carry on a hiking trip.

Bland Hoke and Bryan Carpenter, the designers of the Hammocraft, came up with the concept two decades ago but have just decided to go commercial with the easy-to-assemble units for the first time.

The floating combo units go for $1,000, hammock and raft not included.

Get going, Gilligan.

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