Never Get Out of Bed Again
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Never Get Out of Bed Again

Glowdeck: Your smartphone, supercharged

  • 09 July 2015

Hate being tethered to the wall nursing a dead phone?

Or lying awake in bed, robbed of all contact with the outside world? Robbed of YouTube?

Daily dilemmas in the smartphone age.

There’s a (handsome) solution.

For the always-on culture: a phone-charging, info-gathering, 24/7 bedside companion otherwise known as Glowdeck, now available for preorder.

Glowdeck offers a bit of everything:

It’s a pair of speakers encased in a walnut, cherry or maple wood finish. A bedside device that offers real-time news, emails and notifications. A wireless charger. A speakerphone.

When paired with your iPhone or Android ringer, the ‘deck will also showcase your preferred social media updates (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) via an app called "Streams."


And you can customize it with lights and sounds. Missed call? Glowdeck flashes red — or whatever color you want.

It also comes with a built-in microphone so you can interact with Siri or take a call from anywhere in the room.

And while most speakers drain your battery, Glowdeck charges any Qi-compatible device wirelessly. Just lay your phone on top and let the juice pour in.

Because who needs sleep in the smartphone age?

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