Men Aren't Wearing Socks, and Now There's a Foot Fungus Epidemic

Fellas: It's time to invest in some no-show socks.

By Alex Lauer

Men Aren't Wearing Socks, and Now There's a Foot Fungus Epidemic
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16 October 2017

Guys, we need to chat about the no-sock look.

We're all for it, but you still need to, y'know, wear socks. No-shows, to be exact.

Those dainty little things? They can't possibly be doing anything!

Except yes, they are. They may seem insignificant, but they are in fact the difference between a normal day at the office and you and your radioactive hoofs being quarantined in the supply closet.

Fung fact: according to London’s College of Podiatry, fungal infections are on the rise in young men. The main culprit: going sockless.

“Podiatrist Emma Stephenson says she's seeing more 18-25 year-old men with problems associated with wearing shoes without socks and ill-fitting shoes,” writes the BBC. She also notes, to highlight the garment’s importance, “The average feet sweat about half a pint a day.” 

Buying shoes that actually fit is an easy fix. As for no-show socks, here are our favorites. Do yourself — and the lady who has to smell the aroma emanating from your end-of-day dogs — a favor and pick some up posthaste.

Paul Smith: Smart, Italian-made socks knitted from a lightweight stretch-cotton blend. BUY HERE

Mr. Gray: These cool storm-blue no-shows include a silicone strip to keep them in place and ribbed arches for comfort. BUY HERE

Nice Laundry: Fix the problem in one fell swoop with this No Show Variety pack, including three pairs for dress shoes and sneakers, and three pairs for loafers and boat shoes. BUY HERE

Stance: For the statement-sock gent who wants to go the bare-ankle route once in a while, Stance has this Americana design with a reinforced heel. BUY HERE

Frank and Oak: A two-pack of two-tone color-blocked socks. Thin for comfort but handsome for when the kicks come off. BUY HERE

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