Make Adventure Your Nine To Five With This Reclaimed Jeep Desk

Who's got the key?

By Evan Bleier

This Desk Will Make You Want to Get Outside
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16 August 2016

It’s not ergonomic, it doesn’t stand up and it’s heavier than Thor's hammer, but none of that matters because this metal and wood desk from Canett Furniture is made out of a recycled Jeep hood.

The Denmark-based furniture company invested a lot of time making sure the Jeep Desk comes with everything you need, nothing you don't — well, at least if you're a Jeep enthusiast. 

In addition to the hood, this hulking 130-pound piece of furniture features a Jeep grill, front bumper and has two wooden drawers with space for pens, pencils and your license and registration.

Oh, and as for the headlamps on a desk that costs $2,205? Trust that they indeed light up.

Keep the vrooms to a dull roar, though. There are people tryna' work around here.

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