A Grill Inside an Ammo Box, Because America

Burgers not bombs

By Evan Bleier

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13 June 2017

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And if the tough are smart, they'll bring a grill along.

About the size of a U.S. Army ammo box and just as tough, the C4 Portable Grill is made from 12- gauge steel and also has a handle and hinge constructed from 304 stainless steel tubing.

Portable Grill (2 images)

It's the creation of M Grills out of Mesquite, Texas. The 18-pound grill has a 12" X 7" cooking area that can be heated up by charcoal, wood or a combination of both. Since the box is self-contained, the fire can be snuffed by simply shutting the lid.

If cooking out isn’t on the agenda, the C4’s grill can be removed and the durable cooker can be used as a firepit or simply to carry stuff around. We’d opt for the grilling, but hey, options never hurt.

(2 images)

Priced at $120 plus shipping, the C4 Portable Grill is available in both black and forest green.


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