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Wake-Up Call

Blackphone: The stealth bomber of handsets

  • 05 March 2014

“Mind your business.”

Wise words, ascribed on the nation's first penny by one Mr. Benjamin Franklin (true).

Make sure nobody minds yours with Blackphone, available now for pre-order.

BlackphoneCrafted by a Spanish telecom company and a small army of cryptographers (and one ex-Navy SEAL), the Blackphone is essentially a ready-to-go Android phone with an NSA-resistant backbone.

Using a proprietary operating platform (PrivatOS) and the Silent Circle series of apps, Blackphone automatically encrypts calling, messaging, data storage and browsing.

Plus, the phone will warn you about apps sharing information.

All this in a phone that looks and feels a lot like a Galaxy S4.

The phone comes unlocked, so it’s compatible with pretty much any U.S. or international carrier. Plus, the built-in security apps (usually $120-360 each via subscription or purchase) are gratis.  

A penny saved, real privacy earned.

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