Whale Watch Like a Boozy Sailor
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Whale Watch Like a Boozy Sailor

Whale watch all year-round. That's a thing now.

  • 16 July 2015

Why do whales visit Mexico every summer?

Same reason you do. They like warm water.  

Which is why, for a long time, your best bet for taking in a whale migration along our shores was winter or early spring, when gray whales roll through on their annual journey south.

But thanks to L.A. Waterfront Cruises, the first local outfit of its kind to offer year-round tours, you can catch a breach whenever you damn well please.

Three-hour tours depart daily from San Pedro, with ice-cold brews and refreshments available on board all their high-end, low-emission catamarans.

The sight of the season: blue whales.

These leviathans hit up our waters every summer, ditching the South Pacific to dine on California krill.

You'll also see humpbacks, orcas, fin whales, dolphins and sea lions, all of which can be found along the coast 12 months a year.

As for your captain? He ain’t Ahab. But he does have more than 35 years experience trailing whales, and he knows where to go to spot the big'ns.

He's joined by a crew of naturalists from Aquarium of the Pacific, who stroll the decks dropping cetacean knowledge for the duration.

Want some more action? L.A. Waterfront also hosts some of the best sportfishing trips you'll find in L.A.

Water's warm.

Take advantage.

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