Every Man Needs This Toy in His Trunk

The last paddleboard you’ll ever buy.

By The Editors
May 11, 2015 9:00 am

Recently, two of your friendly correspondents took to the Malibu waters on paddleboards.

We saw dolphins. We saw a whale. We docked next to a boat and drank a few beers with the shellbacks lounging on-board.

That day we realized something: every man should carry a paddleboard in his trunk.

Problem: paddleboards do not fit in trunks.

Solution: SipaBoards, maker of collapsible, self-inflating paddleboards that can stow in a Smartcar.

Sipa’s new boards come to life via an ingenious little motor housed in the center of the board, activated wirelessly via the paddle.

The paddle and board fold up so that they fit neatly in your trunk, yet they’re big enough while inflated to keep you stable.

It takes a few minutes to inflate and less time to fold back up.

Also, that little electric motor serves as a propeller for assistance when you’re tuckered out.

Or after you’ve shared a few beers with fellow seafarers.

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