Mohawk Man and Gjusta Just Opened the Ultimate LA General Store

Two iconic LA brands, under one roof

By Reuben Brody

Mohawk Man and Gjusta Just Opened the Ultimate LA General Store
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15 May 2018

In January, we made 18 predictions for 2018.

This month, two of them — the emergence of collaborative stores and the return relaxed-fit clothing — will come to pass in a single L.A. storefront.

Introducing Gjusta Goods at Mohawk General Store, a one-stop shop for rugged home goods and menswear in Silverlake.

Gjusta Goods is the dry goods concept of the rustic Venice restaurant, carrying the same earthy pottery, linens and plush pillows that have grown to define the Venice look. The new shop in Silverlake is their second location — the first being in Venice, adjoining their legendary farm-to-table restaurant.

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And next door you’ll find Mohawk Man, where owner Kevin Carney recently launched SMOCK, a men’s line of fashion-forward suits, shirts and tees that embody our city’s laissez faire demeanor. Seriously, these are year-round clothes that can be dressed up or down to complement any occasion.

Though designed by Carney in L.A., they’re stitched in Japan with fabrics like COOLMAX, which begets things like a seersucker suit that naturally cools you and still smells peachy after a couple wears. The cotton hoodies are slightly oversized, and look dressy enough to pass muster in most nightlife situations.

Easy prediction: you’ll be satisfied with your purchase, no matter what you walk away with.

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