Fair Play

May 2, 2013 9:00 am

Kids love a good circus.

Not as much as they love a good iPad, though.

Here to give your knee-high the best of both worlds:

STEAM Carnival, a digital midway with laser mazes, robot combat and mechanical bulls all designed to teach the young’ns about science and the arts, on Kickstarter right now.

STEAM is from the Two Bit Circus guys, who you may know as the bazaar-obsessed makers of this this viral OK Go video and the Dining Tent dinner series.

Now they’re taking their three-ring craze to the kids, who’ll have a chance to learn about science, technology, engineering, arts and music (STEAM, get it?) in state-fair-like environs.

That includes games like a milk bottle ring-toss with flame-shooting bottles and a strongman contest that displays your strength in voltage (seriously, you have to watch this video).

Advising all this happy madness: Atari creator Nolan Bushnell and Grant Imahara from Mythbusters.

The fair will kick off next spring. Then the whole kaboodle packs up for San Francisco by train.

Donate now to get STEAM Carnival off the ground.

Do it for the kids.

And the lasers.

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