Santa Barbara Rental Guide

By The Editors
April 8, 2014 9:00 am

Right now, at this very moment, there is no better place to vacation in SoCal than Santa Barbara County.

Scout’s honor: the climate is merit-badge perfect this time of year.

And so we proudly present the Santa Barbara Weekend Rental Guide — your resource for the finest ranches, shacks and manors in SoCal’s hilly hinterland.

On order:

  • A Western-style ranch with an outdoor pizza oven

  • A former stagecoach waystation-turned-rustic cabin

  • An ivy-covered Dutch mansion

And a whole summer’s worth of others.

You may be wondering: but what is there to do in Santa Barbara County?

Short answer: the Santa Barbara Vintners Spring Weekend pops off this Friday.

Longer answer: the region’s been resurgent of late, and each little town is only minutes from the next. Meaning: there are a plethora of tasting rooms and restaurants peddling the sweet nectars of local vineyards.

Like a new restaurant in Buellton tucked into an industrial office park that serves wood-fired pizzas to rival Italy’s best.

And a tasting room in Los Alamos pouring a delicous pinot noir after hours.

Plus: one gorgeous hike, hidden behind a neighborhood cul-de-sac and graced with stunning views of the mountains and vineyards.  

There’s much to do. Some of it involves doing nothing. Go now.


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