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Your Porsche racing instructor will see you now

  • 02 January 2013

Because the only limit that driving in LA tests is your patience, there’s this:

Introducing the Performance Driving Series by the Porsche Owners Club (POC), a hard-drivin’, rubber-burnin’, entry level bangarang at Willow Springs International Raceway, taking signups now.

This driver’s school takes signups only twice a year.

And no, you don’t need a Porsche for this (though if you have the means we highly recommend picking one up).

It’s just you against the clock, getting expert instruction on how to push your ride to the limit on a track with “generous runoff areas.”

The series starts with a safety lesson, then lead and follow — your instructor drives their car around hairpin turns and you follow in your car, mimicking their movements for 1.8 miles.

Then it’s on to the time trials.

One day is $150. Two days is $265. Do four days, and you qualify for a license that lets you compete in short track events, known as “gentlemen’s racing.”

As in gentlemen, start your engines.

The Specifics

Performance Driving Series

Willow Springs Speedway
3500 75th St. W
Rosamond, CA
(949) 360-6475
Annual membership $95
One day: $150
Two days: $265

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