Gamble On

September 16, 2014 9:00 am

House porn tour.

Been there, done that, L.A.

House porn tour with giant puppets and secret restaurant, however: now we’re talking.

Talking about The Machine Project’s Field Guide to The Gamble House, opening this weekend in one of Pasadena’s most awe-inspiring homes.

It’s all part of the AxS Curiosity Festival, a two-week-long arts and science festival.

This year AxS has partnered with the Machine Project, the wacky bunch of pranksters who brought us a Hollywood bus tour led by the “spirit of Whitney Houston.”

They’ve transformed The Gamble House into a space for performances and eye-popping art installations without detracting from the home’s history.

Each day is a different program — like Bob Dornberger’s secret restaurant, which will feature a Swiss-Japanese menu inspired by the Gamble family cookbook, all delivered to diners via a conveyor belt that runs through the home.

The schedule is packed with interesting events.

Go there. Do that.

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