Snap To It

By The Editors
January 25, 2013 9:00 am

As a kid with LEGOs, the dream was always to build something so grandiose in scale that you could actually crawl inside and live.

Well now you can.

Introducing the first-ever LEGO hotel in Carlsbad, taking reservations now.

This is pretty much your childhood dream — or your child’s current dream — come true.

This 250-room themed castle comes complete with ocean views, two restaurants (one with a kid-sized buffet), and lots and lots (and lots) of bricks.

Each floor is themed (Pirates, Adventures, Kingdom) and the rooms take on those themes. Each room has a separate area for kids and parents, complete with two TVs and bunk beds.

In the lobby — a Treasure Chest, in which kids pick out a clue sheet for a scavenger hunt that can be played throughout the hotel and within the room.

Rooms also come with lego sets, and actual goblets made completely from the little bricks.

Because your kids will have a great time, but you might need a drink.


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