These Sunglasses Will Make Your Getup About 101% Nattier

More pensive. More mysterious. More laid back.

By The Editors
March 22, 2017 9:00 am

Know why actors in ’60s cinema always looked so damn cool? Aside from nostalgia bias?

The shades.

Put on a pair of nice, thick-framed glasses with dark lenses and you’ll look more mysterious, more laid-back, more raffish and — importantly — more like them: McQueen, Nicholson, Newman et al.

And those are the qualities you’ll find in Jacques Marie Mage, a line of sunglasses designed in Hollywood by furniture-maker Jacques Marie Mare. His frames are both very classic and very architectural, and we recommend adding at least one pair to your sunny-day arsenal.

jacques marie image (5 images)

His newest collection, Circa, features 21 made-in-Japan frames that are robust in design but minimal in color (monochromatics and tortoiseshells dominate). A few of our favorites: the bold-and-black Enzo, the retro aviator Victoria and the modular Zephirin Clip-On.

For those of you who aren’t eyewear aficionados, know that Japan is where the best specs are made, and Jacques borrows their techniques but adds purer, denser acetate, fine glass lenses, sterling silver and gold hardware, and lots of subtle details that’ll turn heads.

You can pick up a pair at Gogosha Optique or Hotel de Ville.

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