How to Look Good in Photos

A guide. With pictures.

By The Editors
February 20, 2015 9:00 am

Because life doesn’t come with an instruction manual — and if it did, men wouldn’t read it anyway — we present Gimme Three Steps, an occasional series of how-to illustrations that has nothing to do with Lynyrd Skynyrd and everything to do with helping you manage challenging situations with aplomb.

People are going to take photos of you.

It’s just going to happen, Red Carpet or otherwise.

And for posterity’s sake, and maybe Facebook’s, you’re going to want to look good in those photos.

And so, on the occasion of the snapfest known as the Academy Awards, we present How to Take a Damn Good Photograph.


Before you go clicking off, a couple of notes.

There are two keys to posing properly: facial expression and body posture.

For body posture, stand straight. One knee cocked, the other stiff.

For the facial expression, you’re looking for something that conveys a playful contempt.

Your North Star here is Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch.

His look says it all: I shall politely endure.

If deployed properly, this look gets chin nods from men and warms the hearts of many women. And perhaps even a few men. Whatever rubs your rhubarb.

Whatever you do, don’t stay stone-faced. You’ll look sad or bored, like Kanye.

Nobody likes Sad Kanye.

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