Take a Brow

By The Editors
May 7, 2013 9:00 am

Arthur Miller and Hunter S. Thompson had a few things in common:

A love for the typewritten word.

A fondness for going belly-to-belly with a blonde and her heaving mansions of bliss.

And sunglasses.

Celebrating all of that, but especially the sunnies: Garrett Leight’s Icons Collection, available now at his recently opened store on La Brea.

What you’ve got here are strong, flat brows — most apparent on the Arthur Miller-inspired Harding, but also the military-inspired San Juan and the Speedway aviator.

To stand the test of time, each pair is made with dense Japanese acetate, scratch-resistant Italian glass and tight-as-a-tick German hinges.

The result: slightly heavier-than-usual frames.

The virtue: slightly heavier-than-usual gravitas.

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