Boots For Hiking In Los Angeles

The four hiking shoes every man needs

By The Editors

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03 March 2016

Just in from the thermometer department: February broke some records. Forecast for March: nice but rainy. That means a couple things:

1) Cleaner air, clearer views and greener trails, and 2) you’re liable to develop a potentially malignant case of regret if you aren’t outside soaking it all up.

Good way to keep yourself honest? Replenish your hiking boots. The sight of them staring at you untarnished by hill or dale will give you the kick-in-the-pants you need to get out there.

Here are four kicks — rated by the style of hike that best represents your preferences — to keep your dogs from barking.

For Long Hauls and Camping Trips

GREATS recently dropped The Amerigo, a traditional American hiker with an Italian build. This boot will happily hike the Angeles National Forest and venture out with you on high-altitude treks. Outfitted with a Vibram lug sole, nickel plated D-rings, custom laces and Vachetta leather, this is about as handsome as a woodsy hiking shoe gets.


For Local City Hikes

For those seeking a more design-forward look and feel, there’s the Vivo Barefoot Hiker. This synthetic lightweight job has a washable lining and waterproof outer. The tough grip provides protection from jagged rocks while letting you feel the earth beneath you.


For the Trail Runners

Salomon’s Wings Pro 2  gives you the padding and support you need on those fast descents thanks to ProFeel, a not-too-robust sole that still keeps your foot stable and handles rocks with ease.


For Beachside Spelunking

Scrambling over coastal crags requires a shoe that protects, grips and dries quickly. The OluKai Kia'i Trainer II does all of that. Its cross-trainer design and tiny perforations lets water out so you’re not sloshing around like a greased pig in a bathtub.


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