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Cup and Away

VIP travel to the World Cup and more via Beck & Score

  • 18 July 2013

In these United States, there are two types of soccer fans: either you love the game with every beat of your icosahedric heart, or you pretend – for the sake of appearing worldy – to know what the hell is going on.

Regardless of which side of the pitch you fall on, you’re going to love Beck & Score, a new private travel service that promises exclusive access to the 2014 World Cup, taking members now.

Straight outta Manhattan Beach, Beck & Score have a direct line to FIFA honchos, meaning they can offer access to private stadium entrances and fully catered luxury boxes staffed with bilingual concierges.

As for accommodations, Beck & Score will book you anywhere you like, from Brazil’s finest five-star hotels to private residences decked out with pools, backyard soccer fields, personal chefs and maids.

Beck & Score also line up bilingual agents on the ground to provide access to the best nightspots, beaches and restaurants, and they provide a personalized app for direct reference and assistance.  

After this inaugural World Cup offering, Beck & Score will offer packages to other high-demand ticketed events, such as The Masters.

Space is limited. Sign up now.

Nota bene: for the best third-party Brazilian travel advice, you can do no better than Seth Kugel.

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