Death & Co Wants You to Smell Like a Bar (in a Good Way)

In collaboration with de Kloka perfumery, Death & Co released three fragrances inspired by their world-renowned bars

three fragrances from death & co on a marble background
Pick your poison
Death & Co

Smelling like a bar isn’t typically something we strive for — unless, of course, it’s one of the best bars in the world. Death & Co has been a pioneer of the craft cocktail revival since it opened its New York location in 2006. Now, through a partnership with California-based perfumer de Kloka, fans of the bar can snag one of three signature scents, inspired by Death & Co’s locations in NYC, Los Angeles and Denver. 

De Kloka was founded by former bartender Jackie Brenner, who has been a Death & Co regular, both as a guest and behind the bar. For her, creating the scents was like a trip down memory lane. “I tapped into all my past experiences in the bar world, the different sensations of sitting at Death & Co, and the smells and textures they bring forth,” she said in a press release. “All three perfumes share a handful of common ingredients — saffron, cardamom, coffee and sweet incense. These core ingredients capture the Death & Co spirit and carry a cohesiveness through each perfume.” 

The unisex scents are inspired by the bars and their respective locations. New York is warm, spicy, woody and a little bitter, reminiscent of an amaro; Los Angeles is teeming with citrus like orange and yuzu, as well as white flowers like jasmine and orange blossom; and Denver evokes the mountain air with pine, Persian cypress and touches of dried hops and cannabis.

Because smelling like these particular bars is pretty classy, you can head over to the Death & Co Market to snag one of the new perfumes, available for $90 for a 15ml bottle and $270 for the trio.

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