Deal: Up Your Grooming Game With Discounts at American Crew

Your hair and skin deserve better than bottom-shelf brands

American Crew hair products
Hair and body products are 20% off for a limited time at American Crew.
American Crew

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Over the last decade the men’s grooming space has absolutely exploded. It’s a boon for choice, with new, well-branded companies with innovative formulas popping up everywhere — from the aisle at your local Target to your targeted Instagram ads. But that also means it’s easy to slip back into the cheap, generic brands because of choice overload. 

But your hair, scalp and skin deserve something better than a bottom-shelf brand, something like American Crew, which is currently offering 20% off hair and body products when you use code CLEANCREW at checkout.

I always find myself going back to American Crew for three reasons: 1) their anchor products that they started out with 25 years ago still hold up, 2) they continue to add accessible additions that keep up with men’s needs (see: thickening shampoo and scalp revitalizer) and 3) their products just smell so damn good. So many grooming companies fail that simple test.

If you need some recommendations, the Forming Cream and Daily Shampoo set is probably the best starter pack (two best sellers). In the body wash department, the classic with cedarwood bark oil is always a good option, but if you need something that packs more of a punch, the 24 Hour Deodorant formula includes the minty freshness of peppermint oil. And if you’re just here for the pomade, they’ve got that too.

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