SuperTank Is the Ultimate Portable Charger for Frequent Flyers

Charge four devices at once, a MacBook Pro in 1.5 hours

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There are new power banks hitting the market faster than your current brick can get your phone back in the green, but the ultimate goal has remained the same: pack the most charges and the fastest charging time into the smallest package.

Unfortunately, because we live in an imperfect world, you usually only get to pick two. The Apollo Traveller might be the Usain Bolt of power banks, but you’ll be recharging it as frequently as your phone. Meanwhile, Anker’s Powerhouse 2000 will charge your phone at least 12 times, but it’s got its own carrying handle.

For the best of all worlds — charges, speed and size — there’s the new SuperTank from Zendure, which you can back on Kickstarter for $89, down from a future retail price of $149. But hurry, the campaign ends Wednesday morning has now moved over to Indiegogo.


The SuperTank has four outputs: two USB-A and two USB-C (one of which is an input and output). Yes, you can charge using all four ports at the same time. Yes, you can fully charge a MacBook Pro — if not in use, Zendure notes a 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 can go from 0-to-100-percent in just an hour and a half. Almost more impressive is that the SuperTank itself can be refilled in just an hour.

As the name suggests, no, this won’t fit in your pocket. (For comparison, it’s like five iPhone Xs stacked on top of each other, with an inch shaved off the length.) But what Zendure has done here is pack down a battery with a 27,000 mAh/100Wh capacity — the maximum approved for air travel by the TSA — into the perfect travel companion.

Is that why they designed it to look like a suitcase?


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