Yeti Updated Its Classic Cooler With All Your Gripes Addressed

Take a closer look at the ingenious Roadie 24

Yeti Roadie 24 Hard Coolers
The Yeti Roadie 24 hard cooler comes in white, charcoal, navy and desert tan.

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You don’t have to compromise. You can have your dream Yeti hard cooler and get a sweet discount, as the sale on their classic Roadie 20 is still running and will likely go until all it’s sold out.

That said, if you prize the latest and greatest over a discount, then listen up: the reason that model is on sale is because Yeti was making room for that brand new, highly improved, little-cooler-that-could called the Roadie 24.

Right off the bat, it’s taller than the original Roadie hard cooler, and as the numeral naming suggests, it holds 24 pounds of ice (versus 20) or 18 cans of beer with ice (versus 16). But the upgrades to this model go far beyond size. According to the specs, it’s 10 percent lighter and 30 percent better at keeping your cans of choice cold; but more importantly, the increased height now fits an upright bottle of wine (something for everyone!), the carrying strap takes the place of the hand-cramping metal handle, and the height paired with the slim width makes it perfect for slipping in the passenger seat for long road trips. 

Chances are it’s going to be just you and your family or housemates for much of the summer, so you probably don’t need a new 100-can cooler anyway.

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