Xbox Is Releasing a Greaseproof Controller Because We’re Animals

Cheeto dust is now your friend

September 6, 2018 9:00 am

Video-game controllers are the pest control of the electronics world. Theirs is a thankless profession — sometimes violent and often slimy.

So for all of you who sweat profusely onto your controller or prefer to game with snack dust still on your fingertips (Cheeto, Dorito, Frito or otherwise), here’s your chance to keep those handles and buttons from fading like an old T-shirt.

Xbox Australia just launched a limited-edition, urethane-coated, greaseproof controller, in concert with the most recent release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the online battle-royale game that flashes “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” across the screen with every victory. The idea here being you can eat a plate of wings while giving your opponents the business … and go heavy on the sauce.

This is all a revolting, convenient idea. Sort of like wearing the same pair of pants for the fourth day in a row. It’s getting the job done, but you can be better than that. Right? Maybe?

If interested in securing one of the few controllers available, head to Xbox Australia’s Facebook post here and follow the entry instructions.

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